Specialists & Other Health Care Services

Diagnostic Services: PPCP™ Members save 50-70% off of diagnostic tests through PPCP Partner Lab Service Providers, wherever available.

Pharmacies: Prescription medications are not covered, but you can take advantage of many pharmacies that offer discounted prices for most generic prescription medications—$10 or less for a 30-day supply, and $20 or less for a 90-day supply—as well as discounts on some brand-name (non-generic) prescription medications.

Physical Therapy: PPCP™ partners with physical therapy centers who offer discounts to PPCP™ Members on treatments and physical therapy sessions.

Specialists: Local PPCP™ Participating Specialists offer discounts to PPCP™ Members on consultations and treatments, wherever available.

Other Health Care Services: If a PPCP™ Member needs a service that is not listed, they may ask their PPCP™ Primary Care Provider, who can direct them to the appropriate PPCP™ Partner Health Care Service Provider, when available.

Are You a Health Care Service Provider? Join Us!

By participating with PPCP™, specialists and other health care service providers can increase their patient volume through referrals of PPCP™ Members from participating primary care providers. In addition, PPCP members pay other health care providers directly, avoiding extra billing work or claims processing and generating additional monthly revenues.

If you are a specialist or other health care service provider interested in offering discounted services to uninsured and underinsured patients with PPCP self-pay plans, please Contact Us and provide a brief description of your services and discounts. Please include the states and areas of service, if applicable, where your discounted services are available. We will send you the appropriate Sign-Up Form, and once we review the completed form and confirm your participation, we will add you as a Partner Health Care Service Provider and make your information available to PPCP Participating Primary Care Providers and Members in your area.