Patients can register for any self-pay plan from Physician Primary Care Plan™ (My Physician Plan™ / PPCP™) to become Members and choose a participating Primary Care Provider for their basic health care needs, with no eligibility limitations for pre-existing conditions. International visitors to the United States can sign up for any available plan. Members may visit their chosen Provider as many times as they need to receive preventive and primary care services, including sick visits, annual physical exams, screenings, prescriptions, and referrals.
Available health plans: 1-month plan - $100, 3-month plan - $250, 6-month plan - $350, and 12-month plan - $600. Copay: $30 Please sign up for a no-obligation PPCP™ user account to view the full description and terms of the available plans.
You can find contact information for local participating Providers in your area and review the full details of the different available plans. Please consult with a local participating Provider before deciding to enroll in a plan.

International Visitors

International visitors to the United States can sign up for the PPCP™ plans can sign up for any of the available plans: 1-month plan - $100, 3-month plan - $250, 6-month plan - $350. Copay: $30

Additional Features

  • PPCP™ Members are eligible for discounted rates of 50- 70% off of laboratory and imaging tests through PPCP™ Partner Laboratory and Radiology Service Providers, wherever available.
  • For your prescription medication needs, your PPCP™ Provider can send prescriptions online directly to local pharmacies or provide you with a hard-copy prescription that you can deliver to the pharmacy. Prescription medications are not covered, but you can take advantage of many pharmacies that offer discounted prices for most generic prescription medications—$10 for a 30-day supply, and $20 for a 90-day supply—as well as discounts on some brand-name (non-generic) prescription medications.
  • Annual flu vaccines are available for discounted price. Check for price with participating provider.
  • Members with catastrophic coverage health insurance plans and high deductibles may submit any payments made for primary care services through PPCP™ to apply towards their deductible. Eligibility and submission procedures may vary between insurers. Members with a Health Savings Account (HSA) can also use their HSA for PPCP payments.